Apr 20th, 2014
Skank pit
Apr 19th, 2014
The Maxies
Apr 18th, 2014

FOR SALE!…..or, interesting art trades will be considered  ;)
Each frame is 5”x7”
Apr 18th, 2014
Double exposure of Gloomsday (San Diego, CA)
Apr 17th, 2014
So I was listening to The Cure just now….
Apr 17th, 2014
(metal covers+mariachi=AWESOME)
Apr 16th, 2014
My take on George Romero. Ha!
Apr 15th, 2014
New stickers in my store.
They’re 50 cents.
There’s even a promo code for a discount.
Apr 15th, 2014
Skinny Puppy
San Diego, CA
Apr 14th, 2014
For Those Who Don’t Have Facebook

First of all, consider yourself lucky :-p

Also, I just copied and pasted all the submission info for my next zine. If you DO have FB, click here to “like” the page and check out the “event” section. **SHARE**SHARE**SHARE**SHARE**SHARE**SHARE**
Here it is—- my call for submissions for From Hell To Highwater Zine's FIFTH issue! 

Please read all the details, but feel free to contact me with any questions!

Issue V of FHTH will NOT have a theme- aren’t you glad? Ha ha ha….

The DEADLINE for Issue V is May 14, 2014. 

This time around, and going forward, submissions will be reviewed and you will be notified if your work will be included. Feel free to send multiple pieces! Once the issue is printed, you will receive a code to purchase the zine at a discount. 

Submissions can be in the form of poetry, short stories, illustration, photography, haikus, recipes, etc. and must be YOUR original work. I’d also like to try something new—anyone out there want to submit a concert/movie (not mainstream)/album review? Or a rant about a topic that may be particularly popular?

Keep in mind— the zine will be printed in black and white.

Also, if you want any contact info/website listed, please include that with your submission, but it’s not necessary. 

It’s as simple as that folks!

Send submissions/questions to: 

***Any content including explicit or implicit endorsements of sexism, racism, classism, homophobia and all other forms of oppression will NOT be accepted.